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godfather band







“Probably one of the most bloody exciting, fraught things we have witnessed in a very long time.


Their eclectic take on glam-rock, merged with hooks and riffs galore gives them a signature sound that few bands have touched upon in recent times - Hell, we loved them so much. Get into them, fast!” -  Give it Back Magazine.


“Two of Brighton’s finest live acts shared a stage at a packed Rialto Theatre for an afternoon of intense, sweaty rock’n'roll. ‘Mum Dad & the Kids’ - a powerhouse of a sexy swaggering mix of Big Star and Ziggy Stardust. Fronted by the dynamic Tim Harbridge, this band has a terrific array of songs and put on an excellent live show.” - Brighton Source Magazine.


"They do so much with 2 minutes!" - Adam Kidd, Brighton's Finest


“This band play a brilliant high-tempo compound of power pop and glam rock, with some excellent songs and edgy, intelligent lyrics. Songs like ‘When in Rome’ or the vitriolic ‘Marry Me’ were real crowd-pleasers, and this is a really tight and powerful band.” - Brighton Music Blog.






Here are some live reviews:




MDK are regarded as one of Brighton's best live acts bringing a touch of old school glamour, performance & unpredictability to the live music scene...


The band now features Joe Watson (Stereolab) on bass & Joe Moon (Factory) on lead guitar - their introduction has brought a little art & science to the more visceral rock & roll of original members Tim Harbridge (vocals/guitar) & Simon Adams (drums).